Herbed Chicken, Lemon and Almond Roll Recipe


Sprouts are packed full of nutrients and provide a nutty flavour to this creamy herbed chicken roll.

Total Time: 10 min Prep: 10 min Cook: 0 min Serves: 2 Difficulty: Easy

Point 5


  • Skinless chicken breast, grilled or barbecued: 150 g, chopped
  • fresh mint: 1 tbs, coarsely chopped
  • fresh chives: 1 tbs, coarsely chopped
  • reduced-fat natural yoghurt: 2 tbs
  • raw almonds: 1 tbs, coarsely chopped
  • fresh lemon rind: 1 tsp, finely grated
  • multigrain bread roll: 100 g, split (Buy 2x 50g)
  • butter lettuce: 2 cup(s), torn
  • lebanese cucumber: 1 medium, thinly sliced
  • Good 4U&U Sprouts, Crunchy Combo: 50 g


  1. Combine chicken, mint, chives, yoghurt, almonds and rind in a medium bowl. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Top bread bases with lettuce and cucumber. Spoon over chicken mixture and sprinkle with sprouts. Sandwich with bread tops to serve.


TIP: You can use 2 x 40g wholemeal wraps instead of bread rolls.